About Us

I have been a professional clairvoyant for 25 years, working in various places including :

  • Afflecks Palace, Manchester
  • The Coliseum, in Manchester
  • Burnley and Nelson
  • Botany Bay, Chorley

In the past I have also lived and worked in Malta. Therefore, some of you may have wondered where I disappeared to? I look forward to meeting new and old customers.  All readings are face to face, not via telephone or online. I can do readings from my home in Barrowford, Nelson or visit you if you live within 5 miles there maybe an extra charge . My number is: 07540348830. 

I use different cards in a readings including: Tarot-Oracle-Angel-Aura-Psy-Cards. I can look at your palms and use my natural Clairvoyance. Readings vary from person to person. Sometimes they show a definite path and future. Other times they show alternative paths. Remember every decision we make affects our future outcomes. Only a few things in life are destined such as deaths, births, Soul Mates, and life purposes. The rest is upto us.